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Buy Apple Jack vape is the beautiful and popular hybrid cross of Jack Herer and White Widow. This potent combination embodies the uplifted clarity of Jack Herer while applying a warm, soothing relaxation to the body. This strain works wonders for patients and consumers suffering from chronic physical pain and nausea. Apple Jack’s aroma, as you might guess, is one of sweet sliced apples with hints of skunk and earth. buy apple jack

          About Apple Jack

Apple Jack, as you might expect, is a really tasty bud that offers more than just a clever name and glossy exterior. This energetic bud is brought to us by Seedism Seeds, one of the top Dutch breeders and highly sought after cultivators in the Netherlands. The blend of Jack Herer and White Widow make this strain of notoriously potent genes an undoubtedly dynamic high.

Though the THC on this isn’t particularly high, the perfect balance between sativa and indica make it a desirable strain for its otherworldly effects. The flavors are as the name would suggest: fruity and earthy with tart and sweet apple zest. The aromas are peppered with apple and sugar, but are overtaken by pungent earth. The buds are dense and green with golden and red undertone. buy apple jack

           Popularity of applejack

AppleJack was a very popular strain in Amsterdam in 2001, however, the breeders of this variety encountered a problem. The original mother from which the clones were taken, was dying. Through dedication and special breeding techniques, they managed to recover the original genetics. AppleJack develops fragrant buds with a THC content of 18-19%. The highs are strong and long-lasting. buy apple jack

       THC Content of Apple Jack

This one’s a near perfect hybrid, with genetics that straddle the 50/50 line between sativa and indica dominance. Its THC content usually hovers over the 20% mark, and it strikes a nice balance between the cerebral qualities expected from a sativa while also conferring the body high characteristic of an indica. CBD levels usually come in around 0.1%. buy apple jack

Apple Jack is an excellent strain for those looking to elevate while remaining functional. Its high is both cognitively stimulating while also relaxing, so those seeking a creative kick may want to try out this strain. The high affects happy thoughts and can lead to some long, talkative smoking sessions. The body high is somewhat tingly and electrifying, so it’s best to save this one for social use rather than for strict medical applications. However, the body buzz may be sufficient for some minor pain relief. buy apple jack

Type of High

Apple Jack marijuana induces moderate body buzz. Prompts laughter and social interaction. Relieves depression and stress. Followed by deep sedation. Provides seizure and pain control. Alleviates muscle tension and nausea. buy apple jack


Aka: AppleJack . Apple Jack cannabis strain is a cross between White Widow and Jack Herer. buy apple jack

Where to buy Apple Jack cannabis seeds?

Apple Jack from Seedism Seeds is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 2 seedbanks, we found 9 offers between USD 12.77 for 1 feminized seed and USD 618.53 for 50 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Apple Jack Cannabis Seeds from Seedism Seeds somewhere – have a look to our Apple Jack Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Apple Jack offers: Discreet Seeds and Herbies Head Shop.

Effects of the strain

The only downside to this strain is that it is difficult to come by. As a result, there is very little grow information available. There are a few other strains of the same or similar name that may throw off the search, but exact recommendations and tips are scarce, if any. buy apple jack

Dutch folks usually know what they are talking about when it comes to marijuana, and we’re inclined to trust a country who made weed an art form long before most countries were even allowed to grow it. This tasty strain has uniquely enticing qualities that benefit everyone from artists to office managers and everyone in between. Enjoy this bud first thing in the morning for a little pep in your step or at midday to get through a slump.


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